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Support TMA's Mission to Engage Campuses in their Communities

A network of colleges and universities in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, & Eastern West Virginia committed to the advancement of civic and community engagement.

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Support TMA on Giving Tuesday

TMA is focusing on supporting and expanding its signature programs in 2024!
Your generous support will broaden our reach and capacity to do just that. As a place-based network of colleges and universities, our goal is to return all the support we receive from our donors to our member institutions through programs, grants, and convenings. We are proud to say that 100% of our Board members and staff have committed to give to TMA during FY2024. We hope that you’ll join us.

TMA donors and friends are recognized each year in the organization’s annual report. Additionally, they receive special invitations to attend events throughout the year to meet with and celebrate stakeholders from our member campuses and partner organizations. #GivingTuesday donors will be featured on the TMA website and in the December eNewsletter, as well. Unless otherwise noted, your name – or your organization’s – will be included as a “co-sponsor” of the program that you are supporting in printed and digital programs / materials for that event or program.

Learn more about the programs you can support this #GivingTuesday by scrolling below. If you are not able to donate, there are many ways to give! Visit our webpage to learn more.

2024-2025 Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference: This annual conference offers a full-day of panels, discussion, professional development, and opportunities to share success strategies among students, faculty, and staff at institutions throughout the region on the topics of community service, service-learning and civic engagement. The 2024 event will be happening in Fall of 2024. Your support will help us to hold and host a student civic and community engagement research poster session and the conference’s keynote speaker.

Spring 2024 Campus and Student Voting Summit: As we prepare for the 2024 federal elections, it is vital that campuses and students make a plan to get to the polls. This daylong summit will convene administrators and students to learn about and discuss best practices related to establishing and executing institutional civic action plans that support student and community voting, while providing students with opportunities to build skills around community-focused leadership and facilitating dialogue on the complex issues of our time to demonstrate that civic engagement is more than just voting – it’s a way of life! Your support will enable us to increase the size of this 100+ person gathering and host guest workshop facilitators to work with students on these important skills.

Annual TMA Awards Program: 2024 will mark the fifteenth year of our annual awards program. For over a decade, over 100 campus leaders, faculty members, student leaders, community partners, and regional decision makers have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the public purposes of higher education. Your support will allow us to provide future award recipients with more than a certificate! Your support will provide a monetary award to one or more of our 2024 student award recipients, enabling them to continue their inspiring work.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – Civic and Community Engagement (JEDI-CCE) Institutes: Since 2022, TMA has hosted three JEDI-CCE Institutions, including more then 200 participants from 25+ campuses throughout the MD, DE, DC & WV region. These Institutes provide campus teams with an opportunity to dive into how they use civic and community engagement initiatives and programs to change the culture of higher education to make campus-community partnerships more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive – ultimately linking this work to campus missions and the accreditation process. Your support will sponsor one campus team of 4-8 individuals that requests financial assistance to attend TMA’s Spring 2024 or Fall 2024 JEDI-CCE Institute.

2024-2025 TMA Civic Fellowship Program: Entering its third year, the TMA Civic Fellowship Program is TMA’s signature student-focused initiative. Each year, we welcome a cohort of between 12-16 student leaders representing a diverse array of TMA member campuses to engage in a year of professional and leadership development as we seek to build their knowledge, understanding, and capacity to catalyze sustainable community development in the region. Your support will sponsor a guest speaker for one of the program’s nine monthly thematic sessions, which focus on issues related to society, the economy, the environment, and good governance.

2024-2025 Advocacy & Outreach to support Service Learning: Since 2021, TMA has played a leading role in advocating for the United States Congress to refund Learn and Serve America, a program administered by AmeriCorps that provides grants and support to create and sustain service-learning opportunities for students at K-12 schools, higher ed institutions, and community-based organizations. Funding such opportunities is critical, as research demonstrates that early service-learning opportunities increase young peoples’ propensity to remain civically and community engaged for the rest of their lives. We work with national partners and representatives in the Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia congressional delegations to do this work. Your support will provide a travel scholarship for a student from our region to travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with their congressperson or senator.

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